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  • Digital outfit modeling including pipe, ventilation, cable


Making of the complete digital 3D product model involves placing of equipments, and their foundations in the ships digital hull.


Based on the schematic drawing of a pipe system and the GA of the ship the pipe routing is done for each system.  All the components defined in the system drawing are used in this 3D product model.  All bore pipes can be modeled.


The Ventilation trunking and the AC system ducting are modeled as per their respective schematic diagrams.


The cable trays and bulkhead penetrations (Glands) are modeled as the Main cable route plan.  The internal Cable Tray / hangers are modeled as well. Through these cable trays or hangers cable are routed as per the respective system schematic diagrams.


All the other sundry items like doors, table, bunkers etc are placed as per requirement and the respective system design.

  It is ensured that the 3D model thus produced is collision free for either hard or soft collisions.  
  The complete digital model thus produced is suitable for all downstream drawings and manufacturing applications.  

Digital outfit modeling including pipe, ventilation, cable

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